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Creating a United Front – Teaching Parents How to Create Rules

Create a United Front means that there should be 1 set of rules for a child, no matter where they go. With a single set of rules, the child knows exactly what is expected of him or her, and what is considered not acceptable.

The worst scenario I have seen of this was a couple of years ago, a single mother brought her 6 year old son to me for help with his behavior. She said that he was totally out of control and she was fed up, frustrated, and exhausted.

As I got the background information on the family situation, it instantly became clear what at least one of the issues was – Imagine This:

Parents are divorced and share custodyEach parent has a baby sitter in case the need arises. On average 2 times a weekBoth sets of Grand Parents help out when they are ableThe child is in Latch Key which is an After school Daycare Program

and not one of these groups spoke to the others about the rules for the child.


It was no wonder to me why the child was “out of control”. The rules changed every time his location changed. After working with both parents to create a set of rules they both agreed with, Alex – the son, became a much happier child in about 2 weeks!!

Now while the above example leans towards the extreme, I have seen many parents sabotage one another or grand parents who did not see the harm they were causing. For example: The parents decided that the family dining habits were not beneficial to raise healthy children. They made the commitment to get rid of all sweets and junk food in the house and only purchase healthy snacks and cook healthy meals. Well, Grandma and Grandpa lived next door to this family, so whenever the kids wanted junk food, they would run next door and get it from the Grandparents. Even though the grandparents knew about the healthy eating plan, they did not want to upset their grandchildren, so they gave them whatever they wanted.

Time to educate the grandparents. Not only are the grandparents sabotaging the parents authority by allowing the children to break the rules, they are hurting the children for the rest of their lives by allowing them to eat all that excess junk food. Once the grandparents were educated about the harm they were causing, they quickly jumped on board to help the parents and began making healthy snacks and meals. It became a great family time activity to make meals as a family.

What Type of Household Do You Have?

Single Parent Home – In this situation, there is only one parent involved in raising the child – not a divorce scenario where custody is shared. You are IT! Now the common down side I see from the majority of families in this situation is the parent has a difficult time being GOOD COP AND BAD COP. It is a constant struggle to find the balance between stern and Dictator. Worse, a lot of times the parent tries to be the child’s best friend, and that is a recipe for disaster. A parent should NEVER attempt to be their child’s friend!! This destroys the entire authority role in the child’s eyes and if the parent EVER attempts to regain it, resentment, conflict, arguments, betrayal, and fighting are all that remain. My rule: we can be friendly, but never friends. I treat all of my families that way. I am your teacher and mentor. Friends can be found everywhere you look…….there is only one ME and I am going to share all of my knowledge with you to make you the most successful person I know. You can adopt this philosophy as well – you will always be your child’s ONLY parent. Be the best role model you can be.

Death The Scientific Unraveling On The Human Physique By Todd Rutherford

Dr. Sondlo Leonard Mhlaba’s With or With out God, Life’s Mysteries Proceed is really a fascinating text that sparks thought-provoking discussions on pertinent topics like religion, philosophy, the paranormal, the long run of humanity, death and much more.

Quite a few people today wonder about existence right after death; it is what provides hope and objective to lifestyle. Death, for a number of could be the exceptional unfamiliar, and although it is accurate that we do not have a lot empirical verification for existence past death, a large number of of us depend on faith along with a perception depending on what credible proof that we do have. Numerous intelligent folks are likely to low cost faith entirely, whilst other people declare that atheism (a perception that there’s no God or afterlife) demands a lot additional faith. No matter one’s perception, philosophy or watch of science, death-despite the truth that it really is inevitable-remains a mysterious idea, and lifestyle following death is extra mysterious nonetheless.

Dr. Sondlo Leonard Mhlaba’s With or With out God, Life’s Mysteries Carry on is really a fascinating text that sparks thought-provoking discussions on pertinent topics for instance religion, philosophy, the paranormal, the long run of humanity, death and a lot more. The truth is, Mhlaba dedicates an whole chapter, Chapter 16, towards the idea of death.

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines “death” as, “the irreversible cessation of all essential functions particularly as indicated by lasting stoppage from the heart, respiration, and brain exercise.” Taking his cue from Neurotheologist Lawrence McKinney, Mhlaba describes death thusly, “When we die, the neural communications in our brain wind down, as well as the distinctions that we had been in a position to create among ourselves along with the relaxation of our environment gradually fade. We steadily melt into oneness with every thing till we’re referred to as dead.” Other chapters tackle concerns for example: “Does the soul reside on?” “Is reincarnation an actuality?” “Are the dead conscious on the residing?”

Dr. Mhlaba doesn’t have last answers to these concerns, but he has noticed sufficient in his lifetime to think that there’s much more to existence and also to nature than meets the eye. He decries the human tendency to determine ourselves as kings and queens from the universe, topic only to God. “What we’re unpleasant accepting,” he chides us, “is that we’re no a lot more an item of nature than rivers, forests, and galaxies. Nature was right here prior to we had been right here and might possibly go on with out us within a make a difference of a couple of thousand years from now.” It appears obvious that Dr. Mhlaba intends to inspire the reader to offer some believed to topics that may possibly appear as well deep to ponder, or that have a tendency to carry up much more concerns that depress as opposed to uplift. On the other hand, the answers may just be surprisingly comforting.

“Each of us,” he urges, “has a privilege, even an obligation inside our very own households to celebrate the birth of a youngster, to assist the youthful to develop as much as be constructive members of society, and also to ease the dying procedure for our cherished ones.”

Business Communications Pitfalls to Avoid

Critical to the success of a business analyst, project manager, or even a business and project in general, are good communications skills. While new technology has eliminated many face-to-face interactions, it has also facilitated communications by allowing those in remote locations to speak directly. A solid knowledge of effective communications tactics is as critical as ever when working to achieve business objectives.

This is particularly true for those individuals whose job it is to facilitate business communications in order to effectively complete projects. Business analysts and project managers must be able to both give and elicit information from project sponsors to meet requirements and sponsor expectations.

Yet it is easy for business analysts and project managers to fall into counterproductive communications patterns. Elizabeth Larson, CBAP, PMP, and Richard Larson, CBAP, PMP of Watermark Learning, experts in business analysis and project management training, have outlined the following five common communications mistakes to avoid in order to ensure project success.

Timing When communications break down regarding the timing of a project, important elements can slip through the cracks. Many business analysis and project management professionals feel they are not given adequate time to gather project management requirements.

Conversely, project sponsors often do not have the time to fully explain their requirements and expectations due to other responsibilities and commitments. This timing miscommunication can result in requirement deficits that often account for 25 to 40 percent of a project budget. Avoid the timing pitfall by clearly articulating time concerns from project inception.

Requirements Equal Expectations It is easy for business analysis and project management professionals to take project requirements at face value. However, many project sponsors’ requirements differ from their expectations. Take a consultative approach to communications and asking the proper questions to uncover the true expectations of a project’s outcome.

Poor Questioning When questioning a project sponsor to elicit expectations and fully flush out requirements, improper questioning techniques are often used. Too many open ended questions can unnecessarily complicate a discussion, and focusing on the features rather than usability of a product outcome can throw a discussion off track.

Project managers and business analysts must keep their assumptions out of their questions and maintain a professional attitude in order to effectively question project sponsors.

Technique Repetition The same techniques will not work for every project. Avoid the trap of following what has worked in the past or what is usually done by evaluating the project sponsors and the project itself, and selecting appropriate communications techniques based on that.

Solution Acceptance Avoid just accepting solutions imposed by other business and technical stakeholders. This leads to a failure of meeting important requirements. Keep project expectations and requirements in mind, and work with other stakeholders to find solutions acceptable to all.

By avoiding these five communications mistakes, business analysts and project management professionals can better perform their jobs and ensure project outcomes meet the expectations of sponsors and stakeholders alike.

The professionals at Watermark Learning are committed to providing practical advice for project managers and business analysts and offer a variety of project management and business analysis resources.

Why Are Single Vietnam Women Marry Old Men

The reason that thousands of single Vietnamese women marry old men is because they want to come to a Western country. As you know that thousands of Vietnam single girls want to come to America, Canada, Australia, etc. to live so that they have brighter future. Every year, there are thousands of Vietnamese American, Canadian, Australian men (Viet Kieu) come back to Vietnam to marry these girls. Most guys want to get married with young girls who are less than 10, 15, 20 and maybe 30 years old. As women in Vietnam consider those Western countries we mention above are the land of opportunities so they are willing to get married with older men. That’s right. Most of Vietnam women who come to these countries have better future.

It is quite common to see 20 or 30-year old Vietnamese women with 50 or 60-year old men (Vietkieu) from United States, Canada, Australia, and other Western countries. Is it a wise choice to choose an older man to marry? Is she happy with an older man? Most of them will say ‘No’. Is it better to get married with a young man in Vietnam or an old man in USA? Most of these Vietnamese brides will choose an old man after they came to these countries. So, the land of opportunities attract Vietnamese women a lot. They can work and make money in these new nations. Some Vietnamese brides admitted that they don’t love their old husbands but they are safe, financially with these guys.

Viet Kieu (Vietnamese men who live in USA, Canada, Australia, and other Western nations) usually choose younger wife to marry with. They know that if they come to Vietnam, they have a chance to marry a young girl. So, why not? Sometimes older men with younger wife will make the man feel young. My point is, if a Vietkieu gets married with a young wife, he will feel younger. As a result, the wife will feel older. This is the way it works. Most of single women in Vietnam get married with these old men because of the land of opportunities we mentioned above. So, it is just about money and future that they are willing to do so.

Is she leaving him after she came to these countries? I have to honestly say, some do and some don’t. Some Vietnamese brides get divorced after they became a permanent residence in that country. This is true.

Can Vietnamese brides fall for men who are old enough to be their fathers?
Most of them say ‘No’.

The main reason that these single Vietnamese girls willing to get married with men who are old enough to be their fathers is because these guys are Viet Kieu. These guys can bring the girls to a new developed country. So, girls can make good money and have a better future than they have in Vietnam.

However, some of these girls stay with their husbands if they have what they are looking for, love, fidelity and financial security.

What Do Asian Men Want Or Like In A Woman

There are so many people in the world who are finding the right person for them who will be their partner for the rest of their lives. In fact, every person in this world are on that journey because it is definitely one of the reasons why a person has be brought in this world. However, every person has different standards or expectations of what they want their partner to be like. But, a person can never tell of who might they encounter because there are instances in which the man or woman who is right for you might not pass all the standards that you want to have. Still, every person worldwide has his or her expectations. These standards may also vary in different races because of the culture that they are used to in their particular location. For Asian men, most of them have common expectations or standards when it comes to finding the right woman for them.

First of all, Asian men are used to being the ones who will court women thus, they are somehow obliged in making the first move for them to find the right woman. The standards are quite different when it comes to finding a girlfriend or the right wife for them because the commitment aren’t exactly the same and finding the right wife is much heavier. They are very much sincere and serious when it comes to finding the right wife for them. They will first get to know more of you before attempting to court you because they might rely on the physical appearance of a woman at first but on the later part, they will most likely base it on your holistic personality. They would prefer women who are a good model of being a mother or there are also times that they would like you to be like his mother especially if he had grown or has been taken real good care by his mother. They would want a woman who are good in household chores especially when it comes to cooking because they are quite concerned when it comes to the taste of the food.

They prefer women who love to be with kids because they are able to see a brighter future for those type of women. Also, they prefer women who are smart or wise because they can see a harmonious life and full of understanding with those kind of women. They also love women who are simple and confident about themselves because it will be somehow a clue of being a true person and being practical while maintaining their beauty at the same time and that’s a very important personality in a married life. Finally and the most important of all is the love and care that a woman could give for them and their family and Asian men will see this through the challenges that they have encountered and how much strong that woman is when it comes to their relationship. In conclusion, all an Asian man want in a wife is pure and selfless love and care that both of them are willing to give for their family to have a bright future and a stable life.